About Us

Founded last 2011, we are a school of music ready to equip our students with the highly-specialized environment and professional education units to be professionals in the field of dance, music and performing arts. Dreamers Academy of Dance, Music and Performing Arts hones amateurs to professionals. We maintain a high standard curriculum equipping our students the relevant skills they need to compete in the demanding music industry. An intensive high class training and experience will be given to our successful applicants in the field of jazz, pop, rock and more. They will learn the essentials in contemporary music by learning first-hand from the academy’s prestigious line up of faculty with a world-renowned reputation in the music industry. We are the school of everyone’s dream. We offer an exceptional experience and fantastic exposure. We motivate and maximize our student’s potentials. We have a comprehensive curriculum with outstanding guidelines ready to transform our students from amateur to globally competitive professionals which focus on:

  1. Providing a learning environment to our students because we believe that a competitive learning environment will maximize one’s potentials in performing and showmanship. A friendly atmosphere on the other hand ensures personal attachment to the realms of real world while having the chance to understand their strengths and work with their weaknesses.
  2. Ensuring learning by experience through the development of an environment that allows students to perform with their professional and world class mentors in the music industry. Some of our in house mentors are Steve Vai, Ray Charles, Sergio Mendes, Coolio, and many more prominent artists in the United States.
  3. Providing a powerful line up of faculty that has enormous passion for music and dedication to teaching and train future world class record artist in terms of professional hands on experience, practical skills, technical skills, and professional work ethics. We maintain our core values, and we do believe that having those will make our students on top in this tough industry.
  4. Mixed sing and dance lessons to hone the perfect performer who will excel in both singing and dancing.

We have the vision, and that vision will keep us on the right track on the things that we do. We are unique and exceptional in the music industry. Our graduates will surely be popular this industry and can say that we can achieve those targeted accomplishments for our students. If our students are serious with their craft and we are serious in providing them what they need, we believe we can make them someone who will make a difference in the future. This website will teach you how and maybe after browsing some of the pages you will be interested to enrol in one of our class.

Good luck!